Metals and Transitions for Floors Self-Adhesvie Tile Profiles - For Existing Tiled Floors Ceramic Tile Self-Adhesive Transition Profile - Stainless Steel, 1.4301
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Ceramic Tile Self-Adhesive Transition Profile - Stainless Steel, 1.4301

Stainless Steel Rust-Resistant
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The Blanke Self-Adhesive Transition Profile is easy to apply and adheres to many different surface types including ceramic, wood, vinyl and commercial grade carpet. Because the Blanke Self-Adhesive Transition Profile goes in after both adjoining surfaces are installed, it is ideal for renovations where the ceramic tile is already in place.

Cut the profile to the desired length. Be careful to avoid contact between the blade and the adhesive. Once the metal side of the profile is cut, use a scissors to cut the adhesive. Remove the protective cellophane from the adhesive back. Align the profile over the transition and press it firmly onto the surfaces. After a few minutes, the profile will adhere to the surfaces. Remove the protective wrap from the upper side of the profile.

Self-Adhesive Tile Profiles are available in 8' lengths.

Color: Stainless Steel, 1.4301

Available widths for this profile are 1-3/16" and 2".

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