Shower Installation Mud Bed Shower Pans
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Mud Bed Shower Pans

Mud Bed Shower Pans

Mud Pan Installation

If you are building a shower pan with a mud bed, we have what you need to make your shower installation go smooth.  For mud bed shower pan installations we offer shower drainage kits, drains, and shower waterproofing membranes.

With your drainage kits, we have pre-formed curbs that offer a slope that will help you complete your shower lay out, and PVC Pan Liner that is used under your mortar bed, which will help offer you a piece of mind when it comes to waterproofing.


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Deluxe Bathtub to Shower Conversion Kit w/ Pan Liner

The Deluxe Conversion Kit includes the vinyl pan liner and one of each of the Mark E Industries Float Stick Kits for a complete bathtub conversion.

Deluxe Mortar Bed Kit w/ Pan Liner

This Deluxe Mortar Bed Kit includes everything you need to build a shower with the proper pitch and drainage slope.

Extended Float Stick Kit - EFS-103

These are pre-pitched Extended Float Sticks used with the Quick Pitch Mortar Bed Kit.

Oatey X-15 Shower Pan Liner Adhesive

"Weld" your PVC Liner seams with the Oatey X15 Shower Pan Liner Adhesive.

Positive Weep Hole Protector

This clear plastic ring is designed to keep mortar from the weep holes in a shower drain.

Pre Pitch Extended Float Stick Kit

These are Extended Float Sticks used with the Pre Pitch Mortar Bed Kit.

Pre Pitch Mortar Bed Kit

Pre Pitch Kit is a unique, stay-in-place spreadeing tool designed for use underneath shower pan liners to create the proper sub floor slope.

PVC Pan Liner - by the Roll

300 sqft of PVC pan liner for tiled showers.

PVC Pan Liner - by the Square Foot

40 mil PVC pan liner.

Quick Pitch Extra Standard Float Stick Kit

The extra standard float sticks come in a pack of four floats that are 36" long and pitched from 1" to 1-3/4".

Quick Pitch Mortar Bed Kit

Making a mortar bed?  Create the perfect pitch the easy way with the Quick Pitch Mortar Bed Kit.

Quick Pitch Universal Center Ring

Universal Center Ring accommodates 2" & 3" shower drains.

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