Tile Shower Waterproofing
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Tile Shower Waterproofing

Tile Shower Waterproofing

shower waterproofing
                   Shower Waterproofing

Shower waterproofing is a very important step to your shower installation.  If not done properly, you can expose your home to mold, mildew, and very costly expenses.

We offer several methods to shower waterproofing.  All methods and products have been on the market for years, and years, so they have been tested over time.  Tileprotection.com helps waterproof thousands of showers every month across the country with our line of shower waterproofing supplies. 

The most popular and also a simple way to waterproof your shower is with a
shower waterproofing membrane.   We offer Blanke Aqua Shield, which can be applied directly to your cement board or drywall with modified thin set.  You can install directly over your Aqua Shield with tile right away.

Along with waterproofing membrane for your shower, if you plan on pouring your own shower floor, then be sure to use our shower
PVC pan liner, to help waterproof your shower floor.

Roll on waterproofing membranes can be applied over approved substrates simply with a roller, or brush. 

Regardless of what you use, be sure to waterproof your shower right, to prevent headaches down the road.  If you have questions about our products please don't hesitate to contact our staff.

Shower Waterproofing


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Aqua Shield - Tile Shower Waterproofing Membrane - 110 sq ft roll

This is Aqua Shield Tile Waterproofing Membrane in the 110 sq ft roll

Aqua Shield - Tile Shower Waterproofing Membrane - 55 sq ft roll

Aqua Shield Waterproofing Shower Membrane in a 55 square foot roll.

Aqua Shield - Tile Shower Waterproofing Membrane - 82 sq ft roll

Aqua Shield Waterproofing Shower Membrane 82 sq ft roll.

Aqua Shield Tile Shower Waterproofing Underlayment - 6 rolls

Blanke Aqua Shield Tile Shower Waterproofing Membrane - 6 Rolls of Savings!  FREE SHIPPING!

Aqua Shield Waterproofing Membrane by the Square foot

Aqua Shield tile shower membrane by the square foot.  When you need less than a full roll of waterproofing membrane.

Aqua Shield Waterproofing Seam Strip

Use Aqua Shield Waterproofing Seam strips over your Membrane Seams.

Blanke Aqua Seal - Waterproof Polymer Adhesive

Aqua Seal is a polymer adhesive that is completely waterproof.

Blanke Aqua Shield Inside/Outside Corners

Aqua Shield Waterproofing Membrane Inside and Outside Corners are precut and preformed for easy fitment.

Blanke Aqua Shield Wall Pipe Seal

Preformed and precut so you don't have to!  Create a water tight tile shower assembly with ease.

Green Seel Waterproofing and Anti-Fracture Membrane

A waterproofing membrane and tile underlayment all in one.

PVC Pan Liner - by the Roll

300 sqft of PVC pan liner for tiled showers.

PVC Pan Liner - by the Square Foot

40 mil PVC pan liner.

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