Tile Underlayment
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Tile Underlayment

Tile Underlayment

 tile flooring underlayment
Tile Flooring Underlayment

There are several hot tile flooring underlayments hitting the market. The fastest growing being the underlayment line from Blanke, which features their Permat and Securmat.  One underlayment that most DIY are using is the Durock Tile Membrane because it is priced right, and probably the easiest tile underlayment to use. 

Featured Tile Underlayments:

Securmat Tile Underlayment - One of the few tile underlayments on the market to receive an Extra Heavy classification from the Tile Council of North America, Inc.  Securmat requires much less thinset mortar than most rolled uncoupling products saving you time and money.

Permat Uncoupling Tile Underlayment - The best option when installing over wood substrates because of Permats ability to reduce deflection while strengthening wood substrates!

HOT ITEM!! Durock Tile Underlayment - Easy install, priced right, mold and mildew resistant! Crack Isolation capabilities with the Durock Adhesive.

Yes, there are a lot of tile underlayments available on the market.  It's not just one underlayment for all jobs.  If you have any questions on which direction to start, please don't hesitate to call our team first at 1-800-377-6552.




Tile Underlayment


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Ardex SK Mesh Tape

Use SK Mesh Tape with Ardex 8+9 for crack isolation and for shower waterproofing.

Blanke Securmat - 134.5 Square Foot Roll

Securmat is the newest tile underlayment on the market.  This is Securmat in a 134.5 square foot roll.

Blanke Securmat - 269 Square Foot Roll

Securmat is the newest tile underlayment on the market.  This is Securmat in a 269 square foot roll.

Blanke Securmat - 538 Square Foot Roll

Blanke Securmat tile underlayment in a full 538 square foot roll.

Blanke Securmat - Square Foot Cuts

Nothing else like it.  Securmat is the newest tile underlayment on the market.  Provides both uncoupling and crack isolation properties.

Cork Pro Plus Underlayment - 100 Square Foot Roll

Cork Pro Plus is for use under LVT, VCT, VET, sheet vinyl and linoleum in glue down or floating system installations.

CorkPLUS 250 Sound Reducing Underlayment - 298 sqft roll

AcoustiCORK's CorkPLUS 250 sound reduction underlayment is approved to be used under most LVT, floating LVT systems, VCT, VET, felt & fiber backed sheet vinyl, and linoleum sheet goods.

Durock Crack Isolation Adhesive - 2 Gallon

Durock Crack Isolation Adhesive in the 2 Gallon size.

Durock Tile Underlayment - Crack Isolation Adhesive - Quart

This is Durock's Crack Isolation Adhesive that is used with the Durock Tile Underlayment Membrane.

Green Seel Waterproofing and Anti-Fracture Membrane

A waterproofing membrane and tile underlayment all in one.

GreenSkin Flooring - 225sqft Roll - Self Adhered Crack Suppression Tile Underlayment

Peel and stick technology for silky smooth, tear resistant, crack suppression tile flooring underlayment.

Peel & Stick Crack Isolation Underlayment - GreenSkin Flooring - 112.5 SF Roll

Simply cut the GreenSkin to size, peel back the membrane, and adhere it to your subfloor.

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