Trench Drain
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Trench Drain

Trench Drain

Trench Drain


Freestyle Linear Drains™ - Trench Drain

Check out our trench drain that offers a contemporary style with a selection of six trench drain lengths, and four different brushed stainless steel strainer styles.

Let our trench drains give you reliability, and installation simplicity. Because these trench drains are made in one piece with no manufactured seams, you will get dependable performance in your shower, and add another watertight item to your home. Trench drains are available with an ABS or PVC connection and the internal, vertical pre-strainer acts as a safety net to keep your plumbing clear, and to prevent objects from going down your shower drain.
Browse our selection of trench drains with stainless steel strainers. They are sure to help you complete the beautiful look to your shower and bathroom. 


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Trench Drain - Stainless Steel - Cross Hatch

Trench Drain is available in 7 different lengths.

Trench Drain - Stainless Steel - Pyramid

Features a grate with a Pyramid pattern.

Trench Drain - Stainless Steel - Slotted

Stainless steel slotted drain grate.


Trench Drain - Stainless Steel - Wave

Choose from 24" to 60" long trench drains.

Trench Drain - Tile Top Strainer

The Noble Company offers the Tile Top Strainer FreeStyle Linear Drain that offers a seamless appearance to any wet floor.

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