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Quarter Circle - PVC

Quarter Circle - PVC
PVC Quarter Circle    PVC Quarter Circle Corners
PVC Quarter Circle Tile Trim

The plastic Blanke Quarter Circle Tile Trim is an excellent protective and decorative edge for residential wall and counter top tile applications.  PVC Quarter Circle Trim provides superior structural strength and easy tile alignment due to the inclusion of a vertical support piece under the curved profile.  Blanke Quarter Circle Trim is constructed from high quality PVC which resists scratches, weather, and UV ray deterioration.

Installation is quick and easy.  Apply the setting material according to the manufacturer's instructions.  Press the perforated leg of the base into the setting material.  Trowel the setting material over the leg making sure that there is full coverage within the perforations and along the edge of the leg.  Set the tiles directly against the trim without a grout joint and the job is done.

Blanke PVC Quarter Circle Tile Trim will add design highlights to tile corners and edges.  It is available in many different sizes, and comes in 8 foot lengths.  Blanke Quarter Circle Corners are also recommended for a professional finish at interior and exterior corners.


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Quarter Circle - PVC - Bahama Beige

Quarter Circle Tile Trim made out of PVC Bahama Beige.

Quarter Circle - PVC - Graphite Black

Quarter Circle Tile Trim made out of PVC Graphite Black.

Quarter Circle - PVC - Jasmine

Quarter Circle Trim PVC comes in 8' lengths and is sold per strip.

Quarter Circle - PVC - Manhattan Grey

Blanke Quarter Circle Tile Trim made out of PVC in the Manhattan Grey finish.

Quarter Circle - PVC - Pergamon

Quarter Circle Trim in PVC are available in 8' lengths.

Quarter Circle - PVC - Silver Grey

Quarter Circle Tile Trim Constructed from high quality PVC.

Quarter Circle Tile Trim - PVC - White

PVC tile trims offer superior weather resistance due to the baked on plastic coating.

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