Stair Nosing Profiles Classic Stair Nose Profile
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Classic Stair Nose Profile

Classic Stair Nose Profile

Classic Stair Nose

Classic Stair Nosing Profile

The Classic Stair Nosing Profile by Blanke is designed specifically to trim stairs and counter top ceramic tile installations. This classic stair nose shape adds an attractive accent while providing excellent tile edge protection against high impact.  This profile is available in anodized aluminum and solid brass, and is compatible with a wide range of applications. 

The Classic Stair Nose is suitable for use on your stairs, counter tops, or any other highly visible tiled areas of your home or office where you may need extra tile protection.  The Classic Stair Nosing Profile is available in 8 foot lengths.


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Classic Stair Nose Profile - Aluminum - Silver Anodized

Classic Stair Nose is compatible with a wide range of design for highly visible areas of your home.

Classic Stair Nose Profile - Brass - Chrome Plated

Classic Stair Nose Profile provides excellent protection against high impact and mechanical stresses.

Classic Stair Nose Profile - Brushed Stainless Steel

Brushed Stainless Steel Classic Stair Nose by Blanke. 4 Foot Lengths.

Classic Stair Nose Profile - Stainless Steel

Classic Stair Nosing Profile in Stainless Steel is rust resistant.