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Redi® Flash Kits

Redi® Flash Kits

Redi Flash Waterproofing System

Tile Redi® Flash Shower System

Want a 100% waterproofed Tile Redi® shower pan?  Get Redi® Flash.  Redi® Flash is an aluminum flashing shower system invented by Tile Redi® for purposes of addressing the waterproofing of the juncture between the tile ready shower installation pan and the shower backer board.  If you are worried about any leakage between your pan and shower board, put your worries to rest.  The Redi® Flash has your shower pan completely covered. 

Redi® Flash is available in 15 different sizes, and can be trimmed to fit any size Tile Redi® shower pan.


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Tile Redi® - Redi® Flash Kit

Ensure complete waterproofing of your Tile Redi® shower installation pan with Redi® Flash.