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Shower Installation Blog

The Shower Installation Blog will keep you up to date on the newest products out on the market.  It is also a great way to see the most popular tile underlayments, and the best shower membranes, and shower kits to use for your shower installation.


Almond Scratch Stick - Conceal Scratches in Wood Surfaces

Almond Scratch Stick

The Almond Scratch Stick is a product that works over scratches, in order to help conceal or minimize the unsightly appearance of scratches, in just about any wood surface.Almond Scratch Stick works best on wood surfaces. Use the Almond Scratch Stick to conceal those unsightly scratches in wood surfaces such as doors, wood trim, table tops and wood furniture.

For more informtion on the Almond Scratch StickCLICK HERE.


A heavy linoleum roller can be used to help with the your flooring installation by exerting even pressure on uneven surfaces for adhesive contact. The Floor Dot 75 Lb Linoleum Roller is great for installing linoleum, VCT, carpet, sheet vinyl, cork and other floor coverings.

For more detailed information on the 75 Lb Linoleum Roller by Floor Dot, Click Here.



Noble Niches - Preformed Recessed Shower Niches

Noble Niches are designed to provide you with a recess to set soaps, shampoos, etc. Effective and stylish, the Noble Niches are available in 13 different styles to give you a complete look and feel in your tile shower. Noble Niches are made of extruded polystyrene.

For more information on the Noble Niches, CLICK HERE.


BigHorn Wheelchair Ramp - Terra Cotta

BigHorn Wheelchair Ramps are the first 100% recycled light-weight plastic threshold ramps. These ramps can bear heavy loads and are designed for superior slip resistance. The StoneCap Coating technology incorporates ceramic coated quartz crystals that offer a surface that is UV stable and guaranteed not to fade or crack. These ramps measure 1-1/4" H x 12-1/4" D x 42" L and can modify existing thresholds up to 1-1/2".

For more information about the BigHorn Wheelchair Ramps, CLICK HERE.


Vapor Score - Contractor Kit - Calcium Chloride Moisture & Alkalinity Test Kit

Running a Calcium Chloride Moisture Test is the industry standard for measuring the moisture emission from a concrete subfloor. The process is simple, a dome is placed in the center of a clean 20 x 20 inch area of grinded concrete with the calcium chloride dish inside. 60-72 hours later, the dish is cut from the dome and weighed.

CorkPLUS 250 Sound Reducing Underlayment

CorkPLUS 250 is made out of recycled agglomerated cork and EVA foam granules to provide an impact sound reducing barrier to be used under LVT, floating LVT systems, VET, VCT, felt & fiber backed sheet vinyl and linoleum sheet goods. This product also helps to hide minor defects in the subfloor and makes floors warmer and more comfortable to walk on. CorkPLUS 250 underlayment is non-absorbent, which helps resist the growth of mold and mildew and is made up of 85%+ recycled material making this product a better environmental buy. CorkPLUS 250 should be installed with a VCT adhesive and is sold in 298 square foot rolls, roll measures 2.5 mil thick by 42" wide X 85' long. CorkPLUS 250 is installed using a clear thin spread VCT Floor Adhesive. For detailed specs, or to find out more about the CorkPLUS 250 Underlayment, CLICK HERE.

The USG Durock Drain Kit comes supplied with a 4" square drain grate that has an antique copper finish.  The Drain Assembly has a universal fit that accepts either a PVC or ABS drain connection, as both bushings are included in the package.   This  This is a perfect color for current trending decor.  To check out the Antique Copper Drain Grate and to see upclose views of this drain Click Here.
Replacing an old bathtub? Consider throwing out the clunky old tub and replacing it with a totally customizable, beautiful walk-in tiled shower. This kit includes everything you need for replacing a tub with a stand-up shower. Install is quick and easy with an unmodified thinset to create a preformed and prepitched, fully bonded and completely waterproof shower that fits exactly what you want in a tiled shower. Drain Grate upgrades can also be made. Take a look at the 32" x 60" Off-Center USG Durock Shower System to see how.
USG's 48" x 48" Square Durock Shower System has a center drain placement and includes all of the components necessary in order to build a fully bonded, waterproof shower system. The preformed, prepitched shower base can easily be installed as the pieces become perfectly interlocked and are made to accept tile covering. The drain assembly includes both PVC and ABS connections to add versatility to this Custom Walk-in Tiled Shower System and has a beautiful Brushed Nickel Drain Grate. 
For more information on the 48" Durock Shower System with Brushed Nickel Drain, CLICK HERE.

Double-Faced Tape by Gundlach

Stix Double Faced Tape by Gundlach

The Multi-purpose Double-faced Stick Tape by Gundlach, allows you to mount carpet wall base, vinyl and rubber cove base, winyl moldings and trim, stair treads, as well as a variety of different materials with ease. This tape is odorless, non-toxic and contains no volatile organic compounds. We carry a variety of widths and lengths.

For more information on our Stix Double-faced Tape, CLICK HERE.


Anti-Skid Step Strip

Anti Skid Step Strips

These tile edge profiles from Blanke are great for finishing up any stepway! Composed of an aluminum profile that is installed underneath the tile and a replaceable PVC insert, these profiles will enhance the traction and safety of any steps they are applied to. No special maintenance is required, and they come in a variety of colors!

To learn more about the Anti Skid Step Strips, click HERE
Date Added 10/21/11

Linear Shower Trench Drains

linear drain, trench drain, barrier-free drain, Noble Shower,

If you are looking to improve the function and design of your next shower installation project then you need a FreeStyle Linear Drain. These sleek and modern one-piece trench drains come in 4 different grate patterns: Cross Hatch, Pyramid, Slotted, and Wave. Do you want to use large tiles but can't due to your old-style drain design? Your options are limitless now with the flexibility of 6 different lengths (24", 32", 40", 48", 54", 60"). This contemporary line of Linear Trench drains is manufactured with your choice of an ABS or PVC construction which ensures a seamless, dependable performance. Included is a membrane clamping mechanism, designed to work in conjunction with your shower pan's waterproofing membrane.  And don't forget, if the sum of your purchase is over $500 we will ship everything to your front door for FREE!

To learn more and purchase your Freestyle Linear Trench Drain, CLICK HERE!

Date Added 2/1/11
shower head
Looking to go green?  Look no further than the Earth Massage Showerhead by Niagara.  This showerhead, available in chrome and white, ensures the use of 40% less water than traditional low-flow showerheads currently on the market.  In addition to going green and helping out the environment, less water means lower utility bills.  We can all live with that!
The Earth Massage Showerhead comes with a 9-Jet Turbo Massage Showerhead, a 72" Tangle-free Hose, and a Wall Mount that can be installed by hand.  For more information on this Showerhead, CLICK HERE.

Date Added 1/26/11

32" x 60" Off Center Shower Base

The 32" x 60" Off Center ProBase is a shower pan that is prepitched and completely waterproof.  Simply install the pan using a modified thinset, install your drain and you're ready for tile installation directly onto the ProBase unit.  This allows you to save time and keep labor cost down when remodeling a bathroom.  The 32" x 60" features an off-center drain location that makes it perfect for your bath tub replacement remodeling jobs.

For more information on the 32 x 60 Off Center ProBase Shower Pan, CLICK HERE.

Date Added 1/25/11

Toilet Wax Ring

Toilet Wax Ring

The Toilet Wax Ring Closet Gasket makes setting a new toilet, or replacing an old toilet easier.  The Toilet Wax Ring is easy to install and features a flanged polyethylene horn, amber colored micro-cystalline wax, and brass plated bolts.  This ring will fit all floor-type closet toilet bowls, and meets all federal specifications.

To learn more about the Toilet Wax Ring, click here


Date Added 1/8/11

Noble Shower Benches

Noble Shower Benches

Noble Shower Benches will add a very stylish and contemporary look to your shower, steam room, sauna, or spa.  Unlike most other shower benches that require some sort of waterproofing, Noble Shower Benches are completely waterproof and ready to tile.  Simply install your bench, trowel on some modified thin set mortar, and set your tile.  That's all there is to it. 

With seven different styles to choose from, you'll be sure to find something that will fit the size and look of your shower.  For more information on the Noble Shower Benches, click here.

Date Added 10/19/10

Styrofoam Shower Kits

Easy to install waterproofing system for maintenance-free tiled showers.  This 72" Shower Kit includes all of the components to build a fully bonded water tight tile shower assembly.  With no waiting time between steps your tiles can be installed immediately.  This shower system helps to protect wall cavities against water and vapor penetration.  This pre-sloped shower pan eliminates the need to build a mortar bed, which means you can greatly reduces weight and installation time and products required for the installtion.

These shower kits come with everything you need to complete the installation, along with being able to pick up 2 FREE Shower Curbs! To find out more, simply click here.

Date Added 10/18/10

Green Seel Waterproofing and Anti-Fracture Membrane

A ready to use liquid latex waterproofing and crack prevention membrane. This product has been specifically formulated for use beneath commercial and residential tile and stone interior and exterior applications. The specifically designed properties reduce the risk of substrate cracks transferring to finished tile and stone flooring while providing a continuous moisture barrier for wet areas.  To apply the membrane all you need to do is simply open up a gallon of GreenSeel, roll, brush, or trowel it on your walls, floors, etc, and you're all set.  There is absolutely no need for mixing!  GreenSeel is ready to use.  GreenSeel provides anti-fracture up to 1/8", completely stops mold and mildew growth, and protects your stone and tile installations.

For more information on specification and any other application info you may need, click here.

Date Added: 09/08/10

New Styrofoam Shower Pans Sizes Are Now Available
Introducing the new styrofoam shower pans on We have added two new size shower pans to the list of styrofoam shower kits and shower pans. We have made the 48" x 72" and the 72" x 72" shower pans and shower kits available to you so that you can build your larger shower installations. Styrofoam shower pans can be cut to size in order to make odd sized pans or they can be cut into neo-angle shower bases.

For more information on our Shower Kits and Shower Pans, CLICK HERE.

Date Added: 08/11/10

DuPont Tile Cleaner & Sealers

DuPont manufactures products for cleaning, protecting, and transforming your tile. They have become the industries #1 provider of products to help care for your tile, and stone.  DuPont has made products to help homeowners with cleaning tile, sealing tile and protecting tile from everyday use.

For more information on DuPont Tile & Stone cleaners and sealers CLICK HERE