Map Pricing
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Map Pricing

M.A.P. Price = Minimum Advertised Price

On certain products on our site, you will see a M.A.P Price

Even though we show MAP Pricing on certain products on our site, we sell this item at a greatly reduced price.

To see your discounted price, simply add that item to your shopping cart. Please be assured that adding an item to your cart does not obligate you to buy it. You can always delete the item from your cart if you decide not to purchase it.  Rest assured that we strive on customer service, and have unbelievable prices on our entire website.

MAP is a voluntary agreement that all legitimate manufacturer authorized retailers enter into with their authorized USA supplier, usually the manufacturer, and in some cases, the official USA distribution arm designated by the manufacturer. According to such agreements, retailers can usually sell MAP restricted items for any price they choose, but may not display in any print or online advertising, a price below the Minimum Advertised Price.

We adhere to MAP restrictions because our relationship with our supplier demands it. We are an honorable, honest company - we keep agreements with vendors AS WELL as our customers, because it is the right way to do business.

If you have any questions with prices on MAP priced products on our site, send us an email, or call our toll free support line.

Once again, to see our sell price, which is your discounted buy price, just add the item to your shopping cart.
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