Trench Drain Trench Drain - Tile Top Strainer
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Trench Drain - Tile Top Strainer

Trench Drain - Tile Top Strainer
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Tile Top Linear Trench Drain Grate

Freestyle Linear Drains™ or trench drains are available in 7 different lengths to accommodate almost any shower or bathroom design.

Trench drains have a membrane clamping mechanism for thin-bed sheet membrane installations. 


  • Contemporary styling with a selection of six trench drain lengths
  • FreeStyle Linear Drains allow the use of larger tiles for greater design flexibility
  • Replace your drain grate with a Tiled In Strainer for a seamless appearance


  • Membrane clamping mechanism assures a reliable, water-tight installation
  • Simple and practical installation.  Just fasten the FreeStyle Linear Drain to the floor, tie in the plumbing, and attach waterproofing membrane to the clamping mechanism


  • Membrane clamping mechanism assures a watertight seal with the shower's waterproofing membrane. 
  • Drains are one-piece and can be ordered in PVC or ABS.  All drains are seamless
  • Internal, vertical, pre-strainer acts as a safety net to keep plumbing clear and prevents foreign objects from going down the drain.

When selecting your Trench Drain, you will need to select above the length of your drain, and your drain connection, ABS or PVC.