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Standard Mortar Bed Kit

Standard Mortar Bed Kit
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Standard Mortar Bed Kit

The Standard Mortar Bed Kit permits easy construction of shower floors with the proper minimum water drainage slope of 1/4 per 12" run. This time saving kit allows you to create a standard 36" x 60" shower area with a centered drain. Additional components are available to accommodate areas up to 144" x 144" with a centered drain.

The Pre-Pitch Kit is a unique, stay-in-place spreading tool designed for use underneath shower pan liners. This piece creates the proper sub floor slope needed underneath the pan liner to manipulate the water towards the weep holes that are integral part of shower floor drains. By having a pitch under the pan liner, water that passes through the mud bed is now directed to the weep holes instead of being trapped between the mud bed and the liner. This 'ponding' or collection of water is where many mold and mildew related issues originate. The Float Sticks can easily be cut with hacksaw, PVC cutters or grinder. Use on wood sub-flooring or concrete floors. Economical, lightweight non-rotting plastic.

The Kirb-Perfect is a stay-in plastic form designed to eliminate the possibility of any nails puncturing the liner on the top or inside walls of shower curbs. Kirb-Perfect® is attached to the outside wall only, eliminating any water intrusion to the stacked 2x4's that creates the curb. Top has built-in pitch into shower. Can be used with or without the presence of wood. Preserves the integrity of the liner. Provides a cement backing for ceramic, porcelain or stone.

The Quick Pitch Float Stick System permits easy construction of shower floors with the proper minimum water drainage slope of 1/4" per 12" run. With this time-saving system there is now no chance for an error in measurement, or the need for a level, to achieve a properly sloped shower floor.

The Standard Mortar Bed Kit comes complete with:

To add extensions and/or PVC Pan Liner to your Pre Pitch and Quick Pitch Kits, use the drop down menus above.

Note: PVC Pan Liner is sold per square foot. Keep in mind that the PVC Liner will come in a 6' length no matter the amount of square footage that you order. For example, if you order 1 sq ft you will receive a piece that is 6' L x 2" W.