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Gundlach - 15" Grind-Away Rotary Scraper

Gundlach - 15" Grind-Away Rotary Scraper

The 15" Grind-Away is the perfect tool for finishing and smoothing uneven concrete floors and patch work. This tool contains three coarse silicone carbide grit grinding blocks mounted to an aluminum casting to grind patch work level. For use with 17" rotary machines.

The 15" Grind-Away contains a Heavy Duty Clutch Plate and three Coarse Silicone Carbide Grit Grinding Blocks.

CAUTION: Scrape-Away and Grind-Away are for use only with 175 RPM rotary machines with a 1 HP or greater rating. The use of an ‘N’ Series Heavy Duty Clutch Plate is required for secure attachment to the machine. Each Scrape-Away and Grind-Away comes with a No. 364192N Heavy Duty Clutch Plate which fits the majority of the rotary machines in the flooring industry.