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Raimondi 18" Spiked Driver Pad

Raimondi 18" Spiked Driver Pad
White - Low-abrasive scrub pad Green- Medium-abrasive scrub pad Black - High-abrasive Epoxy Scrub Pad Sponge Disc
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The 18" Spike Driver Pad is used with the Maxititina Flooring Machine. This spiked pad is used to hold the felt scrub and sponge pads onto the machine. The pad has 1/2" long polypropylene bristles that are unevenly trimmed and widely spaced to hold the pad on. This disc is made out of high impact polymer for extra strength and long life.

The Scrub Pads are used for light to intensive cleaning while the 1" thick Sponge Pads are used for emulsifying the residue of cement base grout after grouting.

The Scrub Disc comes in three different cleaning levels. White felt is for low-abrasive cleaning, Green felt is for medium-abrasive cleaning, and the Black Epoxy Scrub Pad is for high-abrasive cleaning.

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