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Economy Strapping Tape

Economy Strapping Tape
SKU U-S-5735

Economy Strapping Tape - 3/4" x 60 yards

Economy Strapping Tape is a strong, versatile tape that is reinforced with glass filaments and polypropylene backing which give this tape super strength. This tape is ideal to be used in light duty applications such as bundling odd-shaped materials, unitizing and sealing packages, securing loose parts during shipments and more. Strapping Tape has superior holding power over twine or glue closures and provides a 100 lb tensile strength. The Rubber Hot Melt adhesive will stay sticky and strong in temps up to 180 degrees F. The Tapes Core diameter is 3", for use on tape dispensers and measures 4 mil thick. 

Price listed is for one 3/4" x 60 yard roll of Economy Strapping Tape.