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Tile Redi® Ledge - Permanent Corner Shaving Step

Tile Redi® Ledge - Permanent Corner Shaving Step
Corner Shaving Pedestal

The Redi® Ledge Corner Shaving Step by Tile Redi® is the perfect finishing touch to any tiled shower. If you are looking for a safe, customized place in your shower to shave, and are wanting a professional look and feel, look no further than the Redi® Ledge.  The Redi® Ledge is a 100% leak free shower ledge, and is made from the same rugged polyurethane material that the Tile Redi® shower pans are made from.  And the best part, the ledge is tile ready.  Once you have installed and applied your setting material to your ledge, you can go ahead and set your tile directly to the ledge itself.  Manually constructed niches and ledges are becoming a thing of the past with the introduction of this, permanent, fully waterproofed, easy to install, and ready to tile Redi® Ledge.

Dimensions:  15-1/2 inch width x 12 inch height x 8 inch depth - Corner Shaving Step

For a CAD drawing on the Corner Shaving Step click Here.