Tile Underlayment Ardex 720 Flexbone - Floating Tile Underlayment - 215 sqft Roll
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Ardex 720 Flexbone - Floating Tile Underlayment - 215 sqft Roll

Ardex 720 Flexbone - Floating Tile Underlayment - 215 sqft Roll

Ardex UI 720 Flexbone Floating Underlayment Membrane:

Ardex's new revolutionary, loose-laid floating system provides 100% uncoupling, movement protection.  The membrane's separation from the underlying substrate results in significant time and cost savings through minimal required substrate preparation. This is the only unbonded tile underlayment available that does not require you to install using a thinset mortar or adhesive. Instead the Ardex 720 Flexbone is laid over the substrate, or floor covering, then prepped for tile installation with the tile approved thinset mortar over the Flexbone underlayment. This in turn allows you to save 50% of your tile thinset mortar costs!  

The Ardex 720 Flexbone has a unique bone-shaped pattern with GripLock Technology for the highest level of mortar-to-membrane bond strength. The tile underlayment is constructed of a highly durable, flexible plastic and laminated, topside glass fiber mesh that contains self-sticking overlaps for easy seam connection.

Substrates provide a variety of challenges for the tile and stone installations.  Wooden and concrete subfloors go through various cycles of expansion, contraction and deflection during the life of a floor covering due to changes in weather, moisture conditions and inherent subfloor properties.

Ardex UI 720 Accessories Include (sold separately):

  • Ardex UD 158 Seam Reinforcement Mesh - Used to merge cuts within the 39" width
  • Ardex UD 156 Movement Joint Tape - Used around pillars, colums, pipes, cabinets and other floor penetration and restraining structures, and expansion joints throughout the entire floor covering
  • Ardex UD 146 Edge Insulation Strip - Used to absorb movement in the joint created by the horizontal floor covering and vertical tile installation.

Difficult Substrate? No Problem! Ardex UI 720 Flexbone is ideal for installation over difficult indoor substrates like:

  • Linoleum and vinyl floorcoverings
  • Oil contaminated floors
  • Existing and cracked tile
  • Painted floors
  • Modified OSB
  • Cutback adhesive
  • Mixed substrates
  • Epoxy and polished concrete floors
  • Fresh laid, slightly damp concrete
  • Wooden substrates and dry concrete

Ardex UI 720 Flexbone features:

  • Unique unbonded, floating system
  • True 100% uncoupling
  • Up to 50% time saving and significant cost reduction
  • Use with porcelain, ceramic, quarry and natural stone tiles for interior applications
  • Prevents grout joint and tile damage
  • Perfect for use over difficult substrates
Extremely Easy Installation:
  • Roll out the mat
  • Adhere the seams
  • Flat trowel mortar into the mesh
  • Comb out the mortar
  • Install tile and grout

The Ardex 720 Flexbone is sold per 215 sqft roll. The roll measures 39" x 65.6' long and is 1/8" (3mm) thick. The Flexbone underlayment measures approx. 39 inches with a 2.5 inch extension of mesh used for merging seams created when butting the underlayment in long runs.  Additional Ardex UD 158 Seam Reinforcement Mesh is sold separately for cuts made in the 39" width. Please note that the Ardex UD 156 Movement Joint Tape must be used over movement expansion joints (also sold separately).