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Triangle Tile Trims - PVC - White

Triangle Tile Trims - PVC - White
CAD Drawing PVC White schluter metals PVC tile trims
SKU 380-501
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These unique tile trims offer an attractive, professional finish to ceramic tile counters and walls. The specially engineered triangular shape of these trims provides exceptional strength and protection for tiled edges and corners. These rigid PVC trims maintain excellent surface quality and can withstand most cleaning methods. They are available in a variety of popular colors and finishes.

Apply the setting material according to the manufacturer's instructions. Press the perforated leg of the base into the setting material. Trowel the setting material over the leg making sure that there is full coverage within the perforations and along the edge of the leg. Set the tiles directly against the trim without a grout joint.

PVC triangular tile trims are available in 8' lengths.

Color: PVC White


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