Tile Shower Waterproofing Ardex 8+9 Waterproofing Membrane - Crack Isolation Membrane
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Ardex 8+9 Waterproofing Membrane - Crack Isolation Membrane

Ardex 8+9 Waterproofing Membrane - Crack Isolation Membrane
8+9 by Ardex
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Ardex 8+9 provides positive side waterproofing to all common building substrates that require protection from topside water exposure before the installation of tile or stone.

Capabilities of Ardex 8+9

ARDEX 8+9 is a two-component system consisting of a solvent-free, acrylic-based liquid combined with a Portland cement-based powder. When mixed and applied, these components produce a flexible, waterproof coating that protects moisture-sensitive substrates from water from above and provides an excellent bonding layer for ceramic tile setting materials.  8+9 can be applied with a roller.

Benefits of Ardex 8+9

  • Portland cement-based two-part substrate waterproofing material in accordance with ANSI A118.10, IAPMO approved
  • Waterproofs all common substrates in residential and commercial bathrooms, showers, and kitchens prior to the installation of tile
  • Receives all types of tile
  • Use for interior or exterior floors and walls
  • Two-coat system - roller applied
  • Rapid setting - tile in 2 hours
  • Flood test in 4 hours!
  • Solvent free
  • Non-bituminous - not an epoxy
  • Coverage - 100 sq ft (2 coats) over drywall per combined unit.  70 sq ft (2 coats) over concrete per combined unit.

Ardex 8+9 Technical Data
Ardex 8+9 MSDS

Use the Ardex SK mesh tape with the Ardex 8+9 for crack isolation, and for shower waterproofing applications.