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Balcony Edge Protector - Stainless Steel

Balcony Edge Protector - Stainless Steel
CAD Drawing Stainless Steel
SKU 341-280
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The Balcony Edge Protector by Blanke will provide a professional and attractive cover for your concrete balcony and terrace slab.  If you are looking for solid protection of your balcony edge, this balcony edge protector trim will do the job.

Installation is quick and easy.  Apply the setting material according to the manufacturer's instructions.  Press the perforated leg of the profile into the setting material.  Trowel the setting material over the leg making sure that there is full coverage within the perforations and along the edges of the leg.  Set the tiles on the top of the perforated leg, and that's it.

Color:  Stainless Steel

Blanke Balcony Edge Protector comes in 8' lengths, and is sold per strip.  Stainless Steel Balcony Edge Protector Joiners and 90 Degree Corner Joiners are also available if you are looking to join two profiles together or connect profiles at corners.

Accessories Available (select from drop down menu options above)

  • Balcony Edge Protector (Joiner) - Use to make connecting your Deck Profiles easier
  • Balcony Edge Protector (Corner Joiner 90-Degree) - Use to connect Profiles at a corner.

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