Tile Redi® - Shower Pans Tile Redi® Shower Installation Pan - Curbless Entry - 33" x 60"
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Tile Redi® Shower Installation Pan - Curbless Entry - 33" x 60"

Tile Redi® Shower Installation Pan - Curbless Entry - 33" x 60"
Tile Redi Shower Pan with Curbless Entry Tile Redi Shower Installation Pans Bottom of Shower Installation Pan Shower Installation Made Easy Bronze Oil Rubbed Drains Nickel Satin Drain Square Stainless Steel Drain
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#1. Change Drain Color
#2. Add Tile Redi Flash Here, Leave if No
#3. Add Waterproofing Membrane
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Tile Redi® curbless shower pan with center drain. 

Tile Redi® shower pans and shower bases are leak proof and mold resistant, and are very easy to install usually taking 30-60 minutes regardless if you are a first time user or an experienced user of Tile Redi® shower pans and bases.  Our tile ready barrier free shower pans and ADA shower pans provide for a quick and efficient installation for your barrier free shower, your ADA shower, your handicap accessible shower, or your handicap shower.

This Tile Redi® shower pan comes ready to install.  It features a built in center drain, and is fully waterproofed with a preslope for water drainage.

Why Tile Redi®?:

  • No more mud bases
  • No more hot-mopping
  • No more manually installed drains
  • No more vinyl liners
  • No more Leaks
  • 100% Leak Proof
  • Mold-Free
  • Ready for tile once installed
  • Installs in less than one hour
  • Adhesive included for tile installation to shower pan

Tile Redi® Shower Pan Features:

  • Integrated 2” PVC drain in ADA & barrier free (curbless) shower pans
  • Integrated ADA & barrier free curb
  • 6” Splash Walls integrated in ADA & barrier free shower pans
  • Shower pans floor pre-pitched 1/4 “ per foot to drain
  • Tile set directly on ADA & barrier free shower pans surface
  • Shower pans requires no mud setting or hot mopping required
  • Round polished adjustable drain plate (square plates available)

Dimensions: 33" D x 60" W.  33” Depth-Measured from the Front of the Entrance.  Entrance is on 60" Side.

Tile Redi® Shower Pan Includes:

  • Free Shipping
  • Tile Setting Material - Tile to Pan
  • Barrier free (curbless) shower pan
  • Drain with adjustable stainless steel drain plate
  • Instructions
  • Support 1-800-377-6552

(#1) Drains:

Tile Redi® shower pans come with a round polished stainless steel adjustable drain plate.   From our drop down menus above, you can change the color of your drain to Bronze Oil Rubbed, Stainless Steel or Nickel Satin.  Pictures of all three can be viewed under the detailed images tab above.
Square Stainless Steel  Satin Nickel  Bronze Oil Rubbed Drain

Redi Flash:

Redi Flash is a flashing system invented by Tile Redi for purposes of addressing the waterproofing of the juncture between the tile ready shower pan and the shower board. The Redi Flash is used on any sides of the shower pan where there is not a curb or a barrier free entrance. This Redi Flash will fit any 33 or 34 inch depth x 60 inch width Tile Ready shower base models.  Trim to fit as necessary.  You'll get enough to do your pan.  You can add this to your cart from our drop down menu above.  You can also view the install of this item by clicking on the video tab above.

Tile Ready

(#3)  Waterproof your Walls

Don't forget about your surrounding walls.  You will need to waterproof them.  Cement board or drywall won't be enough.  Because your Tile Redi shower pan comes waterproofed, there is no need to have to worry about your pan.  But with your surrounding walls, you are going to want to use a waterproofing fabric.  We offer Blanke Aqua Shield waterproofing membrane.  It can be applied with modified thin set mortar, and then you tile right over it.  In our drop down menu above, you can add waterproofing membrane to your shower kit.  The roll is 110 square feet, or 33 ' 7" long x 3.28' wide. 

We offer other wall waterproofing solutions, if you need additional membrane, or would like to use another method,
shower tile waterproofing

(#4)  Redi Niche:

The Redi® Niche by Tile Redi® is the perfect finishing touch to any tiled shower.  The Redi® Niche is a 100% leak free shower niche, and is made from the same rugged polyurethane material that the Tile Redi® shower pans are made from.  And the best part, the niche is tile ready.  Once you have installed and applied your setting material to your niche, you can go ahead and set your tile directly to the niche itself.  The Redi® Niche is available in four different sizes:  16" x 20" Single Niche, 16" x 20" Double Niche, 16" x 14" Single Niche, and 16" x 6" Single Niche.  If you would like to add this product to your shower kit, please choose what size Redi® Niche you would like from the drop down menu above.  Also, to view the Redi® Niche product page,
click here.
Tile Redi Niche