Tile Underlayment Durock Tile Underlayment Membrane - Master Roll 300 Square Feet
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Durock Tile Underlayment Membrane - Master Roll 300 Square Feet

Durock Tile Underlayment Membrane - Master Roll 300 Square Feet
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Durock Tile Underlayment Master Rolls come with 300sqft per roll.

Durock tile membrane is used under tile in light commercial and residential applications.  It is ideal for floors and walls in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and entryways.

The mold- and mildew-resistant membrane rolls out flat, without roll-back memory – no curling! It cuts easily with a scissors or knife without dust or mess, installing quickly without mechanical fasteners.

DUROCK tile membrane also provides an effective crack-isolation system when installed using Durock tile membrane adhesive.  Durock tile membrane may also be installed using Type 1 organic adhesive or latex modified thin set mortar, however, installation with these products will not provide crack isolation.

Durock Crack Isolation System

Unparalleled crack-isolation capabilities. Lightweight. Easy to install. Superior tile bond. When used together, DUROCK™ Tile Membrane and DUROCK™ Tile Membrane Adhesive create a crack-isolation system that delivers productivity and efficiency.

DUROCK Tile Membrane and DUROCK Tile Membrane Adhesive: Tile Underlayment's Dynamic Duo

In your business, it's all about productivity. It's about getting more out of your materials so you can save time - and save money. In our business, it's all about creating products that help you maintain your high standards of quality while maximizing efficiencies.

These two products go a long way in ramping up your productivity. DUROCKTile Membrane and DUROCK Tile Membrane Adhesive, when used together, serve up a powerful crack-isolation system that is a real step forward in the science of underlayment. Here are just some of the product system's benefits:

Easy to Install

DUROCK Tile Membrane is flexible, and easy to handle and install. It cuts easily with scissors and requires no mechanical fasteners. Our membrane has no "roll-back memory". When rolled out, the membrane lies flat, unlike many competitive products that roll back into their rolled-up shape. And because it goes down so easily, you'll be able to save money in labor costs, equipment and time.

Superior Tile Bond

The membrane and adhesive offers outstanding tile bond that ensures panel-like performance without added weight. Once applied, its unique cementitious coating provides excellent adhesion (approximately 200 psi, which far exceeds other membrane products).

Thin and Lightweight

This membrane's thin and light - yet extremely durable:  Because it comes in a lightweight roll, it's easy to carry, install and store.

Helps Reduce Water Damage

DUROCK Tile Membrane is also waterproof and vapor-permeable, offering fast curing and the mold-and-moisture protection you - and your customers - demand.

Durock Tile Underlayment Master Rolls include 300 square feet.  Trowel and Durock Crack Isolation Adhesives are not included.  For Durock Crack Isolation Adhesive, CLICK HERE.  For Trowels, CLICK HERE.

Durock Crack Isolation Adhesive in the 2 Gallon Bucket (300sqft of coverage) can be added, please choose to add Crack Isolation Adhesive from the drop down menu above.