Tile Redi® - Shower Pans Redi® Niche Tile Redi® Niche - 16" x 20" Double Niche
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Tile Redi® Niche - 16" x 20" Double Niche

Tile Redi® Niche - 16" x 20" Double Niche
Tile Redi Shower Niche
SKU NICHE-1620D-72

The Redi® Niche by Tile Redi® is the perfect finishing touch to any tiled shower.  If you are looking for a place to set your soap or shampoo bottles, and wanting a professional look and feel, look no further than the Redi® Niche.  The Redi® Niche is a 100% leak free shower niche, and is made from the same rugged polyurethane material that the Tile Redi® shower pans are made from.  And the best part, the niche is tile ready.  Once you have installed and applied your setting material to your niche, you can go ahead and set your tile directly to the niche itself.  Manually constructed niches are becoming a thing of the past with the introduction of the fully waterproofed, easy to install, and tile ready Redi® Niche.

The Redi® Niche is easy to install, whether you are a shower installation professional or a first time novice.  First off, measure the distance between your vertical studs.  Next, measure and cut the top and bottom horizontal support brackets to a length where they can both be fastened to the vertical studs.  Level and mechanically fasten the support brackets to the vertical studs, and place the Redi® Niche in between the support brackets.  Fasten the Redi® Niche into place using screws in each of the pre-drilled holes, and install your backer board around the Redi® Niche, sealing any gaps between the backer board and the Redi® Niche with 100% waterproofing silicone.  Finally, seal the screw holes with the silicone, apply your setting material, and set your tile directly to the Redi® Niche surface.  That's it!  If you have any additional questions, you can also view the installation of this item by clicking on the video tab above.

Dimensions:  16 inch width x 20 inch height x 4 inch depth - Standard Double Niche