Metals and Transitions for Floors Tile Edge Protectors - Brass, Aluminum, Stainless Steel Ceramic Tile Edge Protector - Brass - Chrome Plated - Extruded
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Ceramic Tile Edge Protector - Brass - Chrome Plated - Extruded

CAD Drawing Brass Chrome Plated

Blanke Edge Protectors should be used where tile edges are not protected by grout joints and where an attractive and professional finish is desired. Use Blanke Edge Protectors of metal to trim window sills, wall corners and floor transitions where the tile edges are exposed to impact.

Extruded Chome Plated Brass: Can be installed in both interior and exterior applications. Recommended for floors exposed to heavy loads (i.e. forklifts and heavy stocking carts). Exposure to moisture may cause a slight tarnishing which can be removed by polishing.

Edge Protector Trim is available in 8' lengths.

This is Edge Protector in Brass - Chrome Plated - Extruded

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