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Balcony Profiles and Terrace Gutter Edges

We carry a full line of Balcony Profiles and Terrace Gutter Edges to complete and protect your tile assembly. Balcony and terrace floor coverings, such as ceramic or stone, are prone to chipping and cracking at the edges. These edges need to be protected to maintain a long-lasting and durable floor covering. The Balcony Edge Protector by Blanke will provide a professional and attractive cover for your concrete balcony and terrace slab. Balcony Edge Protectors are available in many different finishes making your design possibilities limitless.

We also have the Gravel Deck Edge by Blanke, which allows moisture to escape through specially designed drainage holes while containing terrace and balcony deck substrates consisting of loose gravel layered on the drainage mat system. Gravel Decks that aren't taken care of correctly are hard to maintain, however Blanke Gravel Deck Edges neutralize that degree of difficulty allowing you to own a maintenance free gravel deck assembly.

Balcony and Terrace Profiles

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