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Shower Systems

Shower Systems: 
Whether you are looking to build a new tiled shower assembly, or you’re looking to replace your old existing bathtub with a walk in shower, you’ve come to the right place. is here to cater to the Contractors and Do-it-Yourselfers to make this process run as smoothly as possible. We offer a complete line-up of materials in order to install a maintenance free, water tight, tile shower assembly.

Build Your Own Shower Kit: 
We pride ourselves in being able to offer the installer a choice on which method you would like to install a tile shower assembly. Each of these methods yield the same results in the end, however the installation process is different within each method. The concept in which we decided to take allows the installer to choose the method that they would like to build a tile shower assembly. The end result will be a maintenance free, completely waterproofed tile shower assembly.

Shower Systems that we offer:

  • Mortar Bed (Mud Bed) Shower Installation: This method allows you to build a completely custom size and shape shower that is only limited by the Installers imagination. The installation process demands some added labor because you have to mix mud set, pour it, and pack it. This method sounds old-fashion, however the products available for building your own Mortar Bed will make you change your mind. Building a pitch into your mortar bed can be done by installing a pre-pitched mortar bed kit. Building a shower curb can be done by installing a mold in which you pack with mud set. These products help cut hours off of installation times when building a mortar bed.
  • Styrofoam Pan Shower Installation: A Styrofoam Shower pan and curb is installed using a thinset. The components are integrated and the pieces are then installed and waterproofed. Some custom shapes and sizes are can be made out of the Styrofoam because the Styrofoam pans can be cut DOWN to size. Simply use a trowel to lay down some mortar and install your tray, drain, and curb. Another layer of thinset will then be applied over the shower pan and curb for the waterproofing membrane install. Tile can be installed directly onto the waterproofing membrane using a thinset mortar.
  • Tile Redi Shower Installation: Tile Redi is a shower pan that has all of the individual components already integrated into one piece. Tile Redi has a curb, drain, and pan that is pre-pitched and is already waterproofed. These shower pans can’t be cut, there are many sizes available, however the customizability is limited to the sizes of pans available. Tile can be installed directly onto the Tile Redi Shower Pan using an adhesive or thinset. You will then have to install the waterproofing membrane onto your walls and tile directly onto the waterproofing membrane and shower pan.